Welcome to Cranks

Cranks is a not for profit community bike workshop. The aim is to encourage everyone whatever your age, gender or knowledge to learn to love your bike.

Current systems - We are open on an appointments only basis. We cannot take on major overhaul jobs but we'll do our best to get your bike safe to ride. We are running 2 systems at the moment. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we are booking 1 hour slots where we carry out repairs for you while you wait (if you can) so we can talk you through what we're doing. On Fridays and Saturdays we have 2.5 hour DIY sessions where you can come and fix your own bike, with our help as is required. Please phone us on 01273 693477 to book an appointment. Find us on Facebook @cranksbrighton. Please note, it's really difficult for us to book times by email so please phone us if you can.


Refurbished bike for sale - please call us on 01273 693477 if you would like to come and have a look at our for sale bikes. All of our for sale bikes have been serviced and come with a 1 month guarantee. We generally have bikes of all shapes and sizes costing from around £50 to £300, or even less for kids bikes.

We want to help people keep their bikes on the road (and on the trails!) and enjoy cycling. We want to help you learn how to fix and look after your bike.

We also recycle used bikes so if you have a bike that is not being used please consider donating it to us. We accept all bikes and parts and will recycle anything that we cannot reuse ourselves.

What We Offer

Fix Your Bike

We have all the tools you need to fix your bike and a large collection of new and used parts to help get you back on the road. From pumping up your tyres and fixing a puncture to a complete overhaul of your bearings we can help you.

Please book a time and bring your bike along and we'll help you fix it whatever level of experience you have. We're very friendly and you'll be surprised how easy most things are to fix with the right tools and parts. Payment for use of the workshop is by donation, new and used parts are very reasonably priced.

Bikes Hospital

We can bring our Bike Hospital to your event.

Bike mechanic

Bikes for sale

We have a large stock of recycled bikes for sale. All the complete bikes we sell have been lovingly refurbished and put through a thorough safety check. Completed bikes are reasonably priced, starting from £50 up to around £300 and all monies go towards the costs of running the space.

Our stock changes weekly, so pop in and have a look.

We also offer a small selection of accessories (lights, bells, oil, locks etc.) to keep your bike smooth and safe.

What We Don't Offer

  • We don't do full services  - there are loads of great bike shops in Brighton, if you can't or don't want to Do-It-Yourself give one of them a call.
  • We don't buy bikes - we are lucky enough to have lots of bikes donated to us but we don not buy bikes, sorry.
  • We don't do part exchange or swaps - sorry this is not a service we provide.
  • We don't hire bikes - there's an excellent bike hire scheme in Brighton, check them out!
  • We don't accept card payments - we're still cash only, like the good old days.

Other Projects We Have Supported

Over the years we have been lucky enough to be able to support a variety of other projects by donating bikes, parts, tools and advice. For example we drove a van load of bikes over to The Jungle in Calais, France to give to refugees in 2015. We have supported various other community bike workshops such as the Whitehawk Bike Workshop which was set up in 2016 and the Shoreham Community Bicycle Workshop which is being set up in 2019. We have donated many bikes to some local Yemeni residents who shipped them to Yemen for use over there. We have donated bikes to homeless charities, a womens shelter, and to local and national refugee support charities such as Refugee Radio, Thighs of Steel and Low-tech with Refugees.

Where the donations of bikes, parts and money allow we will continue to support other community bike workshops and other projects as much as we can.

Get Involved

Cranks is volunteer run and not for profit. We want to help people keep their bikes on the road and enjoy cycling. We want to recycle old bikes that would otherwise be rusting away and we want to help people learn how to fix and look after their own bikes.

If you share our ideals and want to get involved, please come into the workshop for a chat.



We recycle old unwanted bikes, so if you know of a bike that is not being used and in need of a new home please donate it to us. We try to rebuild all bikes which have usable frames. Any others will be stripped down for use as spares.

If you have bikes, tools or parts you would like to donate, please bring them into the workshop.

Contact Us


22 Chapel Street



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The best way to contact us is to phone us on the number shown during our opening hours. Alternatively you can find us on Facebook or drop us an email. Please note though, if you email us we will probably just ask you to phone us to book an appointment...

Our Opening Hours


Monday to Thursday 9am till 6pm

Friday and Saturday 11am till 5pm


Phone 01273 693 477